Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stringing and Tuning the guitar.

           Okay, so you've taken your time to look for a nice sounding guitar, and bought some good quality strings for this bad boy(either acoustic or electric). So you sit down on the table with your string package torn open and the guitar on the table, and you're ready to get started-but HOW do you string it or un-string it? How do you tune it? Good question! In this blog, i'm going to explain how to unstring and restring the guitar, and how to tune it by hand.
          I'm going to begin with the electric guitar, since i'm more familiar with stringing them. First off, tune all of the strings(preferably from the low E string up) until they're all uncoiled from the tuning picks. Find the metal bead at the end of the guitar, and thread it through the corresponding hold in the back of the guitar. Once all of the strings are out, feel free to do what you wish with them. For the acoustic guitar, you'll do the same procedure, except thread them through the bridge that's past the hole in the guitar starting from the low E string.
          Finally, we're ready to put the new strings on and tune the guitar. For the electric guitar, take each individual string and thread it through the corresponding hole from the back of the guitar. Line the string up nicely(it should fit in the little crevasse where the head and the neck of the guitar meet at the top) and put it through the correct hole. Bend the string to the right, then tune until it sounds like the corresponding string. Do this for all of the 6 strings, then you'll be ready to jam! For tuning the guitar for now, you can go here for an online reference: OR you can use a tuner. Whatever pleases you that gets the job done, do what feels right. The acoustic guitar will be tuned the same, just threaded through differently. Take your acoustic guitar strings and begin with the low E string. Take this string, and thread it through the corresponding slot or hole in the bridge, and do the above procedure after this. Congratulations, good sir or madame! You've successfully strung, and tuned your guitar. Take the access string that you have hanging out and clip them with wire cutters to a good length, and you're done. Thank you for reading, and I hope this has helped!

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