Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Wednesday!

       Finally, the middle of the week. Some of you are relieved that Monday is gone and out of the way, and just want to cruise. Others are begging for the weekend, wanting that nice few extra hours of sleep and a hot cup of Joe in the morning. Today, i'd like to share with you of the scale titled: The Major Pentatonic scale. This is commonly known as a "box scale" as it tends to take on notes being in a specific, encased spaces when playing in a certain key on the guitar. There are multiple variations of the Major Pentatonic scale, and i'll be giving you the way I was taught by my guitar teacher when I was taking lessons.
       Lets start off by learning this variation beginning on the 1st fret (F) on the low E string. The pattern is rather simple, and once you refine it and experiment with it, you can use it to preform solos when you jam with your friends. The pattern is as follows going by fret numbers starting at F, which I have previously stated:

e  1       4
b  1       4
g   1    3
d   1    3
a   1    3
e   1       4

And it's simply that! This variation can be preformed almost everywhere on the neck, and once you've got it down, feel free to turn up your amp and shred. If you already know this variation, look at some of these if your interested: